Ransomware Boom: Attacks up 700%. Are you prepared?

I wanted to take a moment to warn our clients of a fairly new type of security threat that we have seen a few times in recent weeks. The new threat is referred to as “ransom ware”. Once infected, your data is encrypted in a way similar to what is used in military or banking environment, making it almost impossible to recover the data. The infection can be easily removed but the data will remain encrypted. The “ransom ware” infection demands a fee be paid ranging from $300 – $2500, depending on the specific infection. In some cases infected users have been able to pay the ransom to retrieve the files although this hasn’t worked every time.

To protect yourself you need to make sure that you are using up to date antivirus software and more importantly make sure that you have a reliable and tested backup. Any network shares or mapped drives that the user has write access to will be vulnerable. Please make sure you disconnect the remove the backup device or disconnect the network share. The files that are affected are common files like Word Excel Powerpoint PDFs and SQL databases. Symantec and other antivirus software claim they can stop this type of attack. However, if you download the program either from a website or an email attachment and run the program, the Antivirus will not always stop you. Clients employing a reliable and tested backup solution have been able to restore the data after the infection has been removed with no data loss.

VET 1 offers free backup assessments to our business clients. We will test your current backup and make recommendations if needed. We also provide and monitor multiple backup solutions if needed as well as monitored antivirus software. All backup systems and antivirus products are not created equal so please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.